As a recent home buyer, I placed particular demands on my real estate agent, Chris, in regards to the specific attributes of the home I desired to purchase. I submitted: "must haves" for the type of home and location where I wanted to purchase my home. Chris was attentive to my requests and worked diligently to present properties that would satisfy my specific requirements. He was very easy to talk with and I felt like he was genuinely interested in providing the type of home I desired.

Chris was open to receive phone calls, emails or one-on-one conversations about questions I had about certain properties and he was very knowledgeable about questions I asked. He exhibits a pleasant personality which I believe is highly needed in this line of work. He is honest and and has been responsive to my quest for the right home. Because of Chris, I have now purchased the home that's the right fit for me!!! I highly recommend him as the agent to assist you as you search for and purchase the home of your dreams!

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