Helen Schlientz

My recent experience with Courtney started off promising as she was knowledgeable about the neighborhood and the structure of homes. Once I put an offer down, the process went down in flames. First the house I put an offer on wasn't titled or deeded. I was promised that it was being taken care of. I went through with my inspection and appraisal believing that Courtney and the team were staying on top of the process. Two and a half weeks before my close date I caught wind in an email that the property had not been subdivided yet therefore there was no title. I asked Courtney and she assured the owners were doing everything to get it done. Not satisfied with the answer, I went down to the property office with the City of Baltimore and discovered that NO application had been filed to subdivide and get a title/deed on the property. Who lets a client put money on a down payment, go through inspections and appraisal without knowing the City Laws? This was very unprofessional and she kept giving me pleasantries rather than getting an answer and sparing me the cost and time of trying to buy a house. I pulled out of the deal after she tried to get me to push back the date a few times. Now a month and a half after closing, the property was not subdivided and therefore not titled. Very unprofessional.

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