I literally cannot sing Marni’s praises enough. She literally saved my financial sanity. To make a long story short I thought a short sale was completely out of the realm of reality for how upside down the house I had owned with my ex-husband. However Marni worked her tail off to ensure that something could be done so I wouldn’t be facing financial ruin. She worked so hard, had to have countless phone calls, went into a house that had been vacant for two plus years and made a miracle happen. She got a short sale to go through. It took more work than most people would ever go through for someone she just met. I truly owe her more than I can put into words. But if you’re looking for someone to help you buy or sell or short sell, I couldn’t urge you to enough o call Marni. She’s truly a professional in every meaning and quite a kind hearted individual. I’m so lucky I met her!

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