Marni listed my house in Baltimore city as I was transitioning from Baltimore to New York City. I was moving and starting a new job, both of which were a bit stressful. When we found a buyer, we were so excited, but the buyer was young and a bit naive in the home buying process. Before putting the house on the market, I had a home inspection and fixed everything so when I put the house on the market it was “as is.” The buyer didn’t seem to understand nor did her agent explain to her the meaning of “as is.” When they came to Marni with a list of petty fixes, I told her that I was not fixing anything. In the last fews weeks before closing, Marni was amazing. The buyer was still asking for things from me, but I had no idea. Marni handled EVERYTHING! I was able to concentrate on work and getting my apartment together in New York while Marni controlled the situation in Baltimore. Marni clued me in to the drama after we closed and I was so thankful at how thoughtful Marni was that she kept the drama and stress out of my world. Marni is responsive, prudent and supportive. She is a stellar agent and I would recommend Marni to all of my friends and family.

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