Right now it’s a seller’s market. As a first time homebuyer who is also a single mom who works for a non profit organization, that’s a hard sell. This is when I knew I needed a realtor who I could truly trust looking out for my daughter and me. Chris truly went above and beyond for us. Throughout the entire process, I honestly felt like I was the only client he had (of course I wasn’t because he’s the best and he’s in high demand), but the attention he showed us was unmatched.

The appraisal for my home came in lower than my asking price. Chris spent an entire day negotiating with the seller’s realtor and got them to agree to the appraisal price! In the market right now, that’s unheard of!!!

Even during closing, he made sure I understood every single document I was signing. He was there from the very beginnnig and until the end! He made sure my 11 year old felt like she was apart of the process and that made her (and me) so so so so happy!

I will never use another realtor. Not only does Chris have my business for life, he has my family’s! He’s seriously the best!

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